Prosta-Mek: Total Hormone/Endocrine System Reviver

Total Body Recovery System: Phase 3 - Total Glandular/Endocrine System Reviver : Prosta-Mek
PROSTA-MEK: Soft Capsule 800mg

Sabal Serrulata( Saw Palmetto )Nucleus extract,
Urtica dioica extract
Scutellaria baicalensis - nucleus extract
Radix Rehmanniae praparatae extract
Anatomy of the Prostate GlandThe prostate gland is located just below a male's bladder and surrounds the top portion of the urethra, the tube that drains urine from the bladder.

For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ( BHP ) Hormone Balancing

Spring Into Better Health with Natural Treatments More effective and Less costly the FDA Drugs

Any man who has a desk job and drinks copious amounts of caffeine is highly prone to develop a prostate infection. Unfortunately most family doctors don't have a clue as to what it takes to overcome a prostate infection.

Prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland, can be caused by a bacterial infection or a virus. It can also be transmitted sexually; yet can just as easily develop out of a simple Irritation or activity such as bicycle riding. It can also be aggravated by inactivity. Prostatitis is usually very painful. In some instances there is a pressing sensation, feeling a desperate need to urinate, with burning pain during urination.

Sometimes pain can radiate into the lower back, scrotom and rectum. In severe cases, the infection can move through the bladder and into the kidneys, although this is relatively rare. Often there is pus or blood in the urine, and fever is sometimes present..

The prostate "lives" in its own private little world and the medications need to be specifically geared for the prostate. The usual ten day round of antibiotics will not be effective.
If the prostatitis becomes chronic, most physicians will prescribe Hytrin or Proscar. Hytrin is usually used to control high blood pressure, but will also boost urine flow.

Hytrin works as a smooth muscle relaxant and from what is understood simply masks the symptoms rather than cure them. Proscar works the same way yet has many debilitating side effects. These side effects include decreased libido, impotence and ejaculatory disorders. Proscar is also HIGHLY toxic to the male fetus. The insert that comes with the drug contains a warning that reads:

"Exposure of Women-Risk to Male Fetus

"It is not known whether the amount of finasteride (Proscar) that could potentially be absorbed by a pregnant woman through direct contact with crushed Proscar tablets or from the semen of a patient taking Proscar can adversely affect a developing fetus....Therefore, because of the potential risk to a male fetus, a woman who is pregnant or who may become pregnant should not handle crushed Proscar tablets; In addition, when the patient's sexual partner is or may become pregnant, the patient should either avoid exposure of his partner to his semen or he should discontinue taking Proscar."

Saw Palmetto is a "multi-site" inhibitor of the hormone DHT, which plays a major role in the development of prostate disorders. Saw palmetto inhibits 50% of the binding of DHT to receptor sites in the prostate. It also blocks the uptake of DHT into the nucleus of prostate cells, and strongly inhibits the action of testosterone 5 alpha-reductase, which reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

In modern research, fat-soluble extracts of Saw Palmetto have been shown to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone (DHT), and to block the binding of DHT to prostate cells, thus reducing prostate enlargement and inflammation.
Prosta-mek vs. Proscar on urine flow rate
(milliliters per second)

Initial Measurement
9.53 ml/sec
9.6 ml/sec
3 months

12 months
13.15 ml/sec*

10.4 ml/sec

11.2 ml/sec
% increase
38% in 3 months
16% in 12 months

*Many studies on the Prosta-mek were less than 90 days; final measurements were calculated as 90 measurements.**There are no long-term studies on Saw palmetto extract, yet the effect at 3 months (or less) is obviously superior to that of Proscar.


Acute and chronic prostatitis , Functional disorder of Prostate gland

Urinary retention with prostatic Hyperplasia.

Involuntary urination, improves urinary flow rate.

Bladder pain and weakness and Dribbling

Hypertrophy of the prostate gland, cysts, fibroids

Frequent urge to urinate at night, delayed flow of urine, pain during urinating

Improper undeveloped memory glands

Vasodilator an agent that widens the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure


Balancing hormones and supporting male & female glands

Treats Prostate Cancer

To treat genital, urinary track and reproductive system
Saw palmetto is an aphrodisiac for men and women and it is also anabolic (muscle building) and helps to build muscle tissues.
It also prevents binding of DHT to androgen receptors, hence helps with hair loss
It also helps to treat bladder infection for both men and women

Some new evidence show that Saw palmetto may help in thyroid deficiencies
It is used in chest congestion, treat coughs asthma, allergies and bronchitis
The new study published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemical Molecular Biology shows that saw palmetto extract is three times more effective against certain prostate cancer cell lines than PROSCAR.
Saw Palmetto extract is used by women to treat infertility, painful periods and problems with lactation

Standard dosage is one capsule after meal,twice a day.
Depending upon the condition of the patient and seriousness, maximum 3 to 4 capsules can be given per day after meals, drink lot of water, for first 15 to 20 days, to obtain fastest result and as condition improves, can be reduced to 2 capsules per day for another 30 to 60 days and later on 1 capsule per day for Another 30 days to complete the course. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to see results with BHP with the improvements, continue with the dosage.

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