New High Energy SOD capsules w Cordyceps

SOD High Energy SOD capsules 30 capsules $33US

Superoxide Dismutase [SOD] High Energy Capsule w Cordyceps

【Main ingredient】 Cordyceps, SOD powder, Lycium polysaccharide, Ginkgo Biloba Extract powder.


*Anti-aging, weakness
* The declining of sex drive
* Lowering raised blood lipid levels
* Strengthening the body's immunity
* Chronic bronchitis, coughing
* Poor resistance of respiratory tract, catching flu easily
* Regulating blood pressure (high or low blood pressure)
* Asthma, allergic rhinitis
* Poor renal function, renal injuries by chemicals
* Poor function of lungs & kidneys, irregular menstruation

For men: in cases of impotence, declined sex drive, aching in lower back and knees, dislike of cold in limbs.

For women: in cases of severe pain in lower back and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, as well as dislike of cold, insomnia, overly frequent menstruation, and thin and copious leucorrhoea.

【specifications】 500mg/hard capsule

【Suggested Use】 for best results 3 capsules 2 times a day with meals.

In Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is reknowned as a very effective herb for treating circulatory and respiratory problems, immunity deficiency, sexual dysfunction, and a host of other health problems. Studies have shown the astonishing ability of Cordyceps to increase sexual function in men in a majority of cases, to increase oxygen intake efficiency, to heal the liver, to lower cholesterol, to decrease blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and to protect against tumors. Due to its ability to improve energy, stamina, appetite, endurance, and sleeping patterns, it has also been classified as a general health tonic.

Cordyceps prevents allergies, depression, and colds and flu by enhancing adrenal and lung energy. It is recommended for people who feel short of breath and depressed from overwork, pollution, and bad dietary habits. It provides remarkable benefits for cirrhosis, impotence, neurasthenia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is effective in preventing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, as well as certain other diseases related to blood vessels of the brain. Cordyceps increases levels of natural anti-oxidants and is believed to promote longevity. This fungus also has the ability to increase ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) production in human cell mitochondria which increases energy levels.

It is especially good for people who are involved in athletics or enjoy vigorous sports. Chinese athletes who primarily used Cordyceps in their training programs surprised everyone by breaking the 10,000 meter World Track Record in 1993 and shattering dozens of world records in just one year. The team's coach credited much of the team's success to the consumption of Cordyceps.

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