Heathy Function of the Pituitary Gland with Prosta-Mek

The Pituitary Gland Regulates Other Endocrine Glands

The pituitary Gland is a small endocrine gland that is located just beneath the Hypothalumus within a bony recess t the base of the skull. One of the Most important endocrine glands in the body, the pituitary gland releases nine major hormones. Because many of these hormones act principally to influence other endocrine glands, it was customary until recently to regard the pituitary gland as the 'Master Gland' of the Endocrine system.
However, that role actually belongs to the Hypothalamus, becaause it controls the pituitary.

Often Glandular dysfuctions are mis-diagnosed because the symptoms of imbalance appear to be coming from a particular disease that is directly associated with a particular glandular function, but it is often part of a more complex breakdown in which case the pituitary gland is not sending out the message to the other glands and are therefore not functioning.

Hormone and Steroid Replacement Therapy always has severe repurcussions on the entire function of the body and are not the answer in long term treatment.

Prosta-Mek in studies has shown to be successful in the treatment 93.43% in the duration not exceeding a 3 month period, with NO harmful effects from the medicine.

It also removes the flouride that collects in the pineal gland, from the water we drink and the products we use for dental health.

Prosta-Mek is a truely amazing product that takes care of countless diseases and medical conditions without any side effects, the effects begin to be seen after only days, and felt almost immediately on beginning treatment.

Once the Endocrine System is functioning and in balance and the secretions of Hormones and chemicals in the body are flowing throughout the body as they should be along with the entire body systems working well after the Total Body Recovery System, you will not remember a time in your life that you felt so Alive, vivacious, and youthful, your senses heightened like never before, by this time you will be exuding Life force energy that will be felt and seen by your friends and loved ones.

Congradulations, you have become a Powerful Magnet that attacts all that you desire, and those around you, will gravitate toward your clean sparkling energy field!

Phyto-'Stem Cell' Technology

Gemmotherapy belongs to the realm of Phytotherapy but differs since it only uses the buds, young shoots of the plants. The embryonic part of the plant is particularly effective for drainage which means detoxifying actions on the body. The use of buds in traditional pharmacopoeia dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.
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