Osteo-Mek: Total Recovery for Five Organ Systems

A Healing garden, a natural heaven for body, senses and spirit. Clean, clear energy for mind and body.

Nourishes all Five of the Major Organ Systems

How can Osteo-Mek transform your physical state of Health In the treatment of Osteoarticular, Nerve and muscular systems?

Treating Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Locomotor Ataxia, Spinal Stenosis.
It is suitable for any one who wishes to reduce the degeneration of body joints that commonly occurs with age.
Osteo-mek can also ease joint discomfort that occurs due to inflammation and is, in fact, used for the cure of symptoms of such conditions, spinal meningitis, spinal cord injury, Cervical Spine Spondylitis, Spondylosis, treatment for Synovitis, inflammation of a synovial membrane.

Magical Efficacy: Powerful potency relieves symptoms immediately

Clinical observations on various serious rheumatic patients, the total effectiveness is 92.42%
A phytoestrogen is a naturally-occurring plant nutrient that exerts an estrogen-like action on the body. Gemmotherapeuticum includes within itself the advantages of allopathic and homeopathic procedures. Healing substances are located in measurable concentrations in the preparations.

The complete natural blend of PHYTO-MEDICINE, in Osteo-mek, is what makes it so effective


It’s indicated to treat rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis ankylopoietica, cervical spondylopathy, scapulohumeral periarthritis, hyperosteogeny, lumbar muscle strain, soreness of the loins and backache, intercostal neuralgia, arthrocleisis and stiffness, pains and swelling between condyles, numbness and puerperae rheumatalgia. Aching and weakness of the loins and knees, osteoporosis, rheumatic arthralgia, abnormal uterine bleeding or excessive menstrual flow,traumatic injuries.

Results documented by research and here are just a few of the amazing benefits:

• Provides Instant Energy While Also Supporting the Body’s Own Energy

• Production Mechanisms

• Enhances Mental Focus and Clarity
• No Dangerous Stimulants

• Relieving pain, eliminating the swelling, releasing numbness of limbs, improving inconvenience of bending and stretching.

• Significantly reduced the joint destruction in Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Replenishes the liver and the kidney, to strengthen the tendons and bones, healing bone fractures

• Reduces edema, oliguria; arthritis with contracture of joints

• Contains 17 % protein. Promoting blood circulation by relieving blood stasis.

• Stimulates menstrual discharge, and leads the blood to flow downward.

• As an immune stimulant and an adjunctive therapy for cancer (to reduce side effects of chemotherapy and protect cells)

• As a bowel cleanser and anti-inflammatory for Crohn's, colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other bowel problems

• An anti-aging, longevity has a strong anti-fatigue, contains 82 saponins, retards RNA/DNA process.

• Enhancement in SOD Activity

• Connective tissue tonic(Herb Pharma) Homoeopathic

Osteo-mek, is rich in silicon, potassium, manganese and bioflavonoid and beneficial for brittle nails and water retention.


Boswellia serata- nucleus extract
Boswellin is a gum resin extract. Boswellin has high levels of beta-boswellic acids for which Boswellin is standardized. Boswellia carteri or frankincense besides the resins includes volatile oils, beta-boswellic acids and mucilages

• For relief from any degenerative musculoskeletal condition

• To prevent and relieve the symptoms of gout

Promotes formation of leukotrienes, the immune cells responsible for inflammation, while also promoting the formation of free radicals. . Significantly reduced the joint destruction in RA

Replenishes the liver and the kidney, to strengthen the tendons and bones, to heal bone fractures, traumatic injuries. In treating soreness and pain of the lion and leg and weakness of the foot and knee due to deficiency of the liver and kidney, sluggishness of blood circulation, muscular spasm. Effective for treatment menstrual disorders, eliminates pus from abscesses and wounds.

Releaves arthritis with contracture of joints also diarrhea due to diminished function of the spleen;
Remedies lung abscess, and appendicitis; contains 17 percent protein which is effective in relieving rheumatic pains.

Effective against high blood pressure, Promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis, Relieves abdominal pain, headache, chest pain or trauma.
Eases the joints and strengthen bones, and muscles: For backache, pain and difficulty in movement of the knees.

Eases the joint and strengthen bones, and muscles: For backache, pain and difficulty in movement of the knees, flaccidity of extremities. . Induce the vital energy: For toothache, hematemesis, epistaxis and hemoptysis.
Increases immune function by up to 50%.
Immune stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic (cellular protector), anticancerous, antiulcerous.

Treatment for All intestinal ailments.

Uses include: Crohn's disease, gastric ulcers and tumors, parasites, colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis and leaky bowel syndrome. By stimulating the immune system, it can also improve response to viral and respiratory infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and prostrate conditions

Helps to clear uric acid from the joints of gout and arthritis sufferers

Relieves bladder disorders, cystitis and kidney disorders.

It also promotes the onset of menstruation.

Helps soothe the nerves and relieve pain.
Treatment for high blood pressure (hypotensive properties), nervousness and anxiety with a mild tranquilizing effect, muscle spasms (relaxes), and appetite (improves). Other Phyto-chemicals in the seeds act as a diuretic, liver tonic (antioxidant properties), anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever.

Osteo-Mek is also useful for the prevention and/or treatment of androgen-dependent (testosterone-diven) disorders, including prostate enlargement and prostate cancer.

A natural Phyto-chemical used in Osteo-Mek is known to complement the body's ability to relieve discomfort, but without the possible complications and/or discomfort caused by aspirin.
It has generally demonstrated effectiveness without aspirin-like side effects. Modern research has shown that its mechanism of actions is probably affected by inhibiting the neural transfer of pain signals.

Its pharmacological action of this Phyto-Chemical is antipyretic, antiphlogistic and analgesic.

It is often used for diseases accompanied by fever, rheumatic ailments, and headaches. also known as the "herbal aspirin.

Relieves acute and chronic pain, including headache, back and neck pain, muscle aches, and menstrual cramps. Control arthritis discomforts.

Alleviates pain naturally by reducing Substance P, a neurotransmitter that stimulates nerve cells causing pain.
It also helps to support the immune system. To improve the migration of white blood cells to attack foreign microorganisms and toxins in the bloodstream. It alleviates inflammation.

The most useful and valuable, not only for the entire digestive system, but also for the heart and circulatory system. It acts as a catalyst and increases the effectiveness of other herbs.

It has the complete B complexes, and is very rich in organic calcium and potassium, which is one of the reasons it is good for the heart.

Also contains 90,000 or more heat units, increases your blood circulation immediately within seconds.

Blood flow is what takes nutrition and the healing properties of herbs to those cells. blood flow is also what carries out and removes waste material.

Osteo-Mek blasts through all blockages to get to that area which is sick, taking with it all the minerals and vitamins from the foods you eat, and all the vital phyto-chemicals from the herbs all the way to the source..

There is no other combination stronger or more effective make immediate physiological and metabolic changes in the body.
Osteo-Mek contains a substance that stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormone (HGH) by the pituitary gland
It has become a secret weapon used by Chinese Olympic swimmers to achieve top ranking in the recent National Games.
It benefits liver and kidneys, eases the five organs, strengthens the lower back and knees, 'brightens' the ears and the eyes.

Increased and enhanced Immune Function and heart strengthener
Increase in White Cell Count, Hypoxia Tolerance end Anti-cancer effects.
Powerful tissue remedies for hard stony glands, enlarged veins, malnutrition of bones, rheumatoid nodules, hard knots in female breast and used in many cases of cataract.

Gives Soothing effect for people with inflammation.
Binds to the receptors of your central nervous system to offer a calming effect. It quiets and soothes the brain and nervous system. In this way it relieves pain.

Cooling/Detoxifying Tonifies Liver and Kidneys using Phyto-chemicals and accelerates connective tissue healing

Used for incontinence, prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis, , prostate hypertrophy, rheumatism, arthritis
Connective Tissue Repair

How Long is The Course ?

Take one tablet 2 to 3 times a day, depending upon the seriousness of the problem. Standard dose is one tablet, two times a day, or as prescribed by the physician.

Course of Treatment; 3 months is a course of treatment (it can be decided according to symptoms, state and history of disease). Common patients will gain efficacy after taking for 2 weeks, and better effects after using one month of treatment. Should be consistently taken for 3 months of treatment or longer as per the advice of the physician or to maintain optimum health.

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All 100% Natural product: Approved by German PIC-GMP and Chinese GMP. Product tested in German and China labs.

Phyto-'Stem Cell' Technology

Gemmotherapy belongs to the realm of Phytotherapy but differs since it only uses the buds, young shoots of the plants. The embryonic part of the plant is particularly effective for drainage which means detoxifying actions on the body. The use of buds in traditional pharmacopoeia dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.
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