Pure Black Indian Shilajit elixir

for extreme Stress relief and Recovery

Do you have mental and physical stress in your life?
Do you want to slow down the aging process in your life?

If you answered yes to these two questions you will want to get Pure Black Indian Shilajit elixir!

A Powerful comination of adaptogenic herbs designed to bring euphoria to depression, Best Kept Sports Performance Secret Little was known about this high mountain herb/mineral compound brought recently to the western world. “ Black Anabolic resin” a combination potent adaptagenic herbal complex.

It has been used by the elite Russian military and sports establishment for nearly four decades for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as for its recuperative powers. These special herbs and minerals found to improve workload by as much as 15-27% and dramatically improve recovery time. Helps treat bone fractures and strains of muscles and ligaments, stomach disorders, nervous and cardiovascular problems, the inflammation of joints, and impotence.

It works as a good bio-stimulator, serves to elevate the immune system and neuro-hormonal regulation, controls oxidation-reduction processes, and has a positive influence on mineral metabolism. Its various mechanisms of action and its usefulness especially in sports, Pure Black Indian Shilajit elixir offers a significant tonic and anabolic effect on both physical and mental processes.

The effects include the activation of the anabolic processes on the cell molecular level in different organs and systems (blood, liver, myocardium, skeletal muscles, lymphatic system, central and peripheral nervous systems, skin and hair, and gastro-intestinal tract).

Mainly because of its growth-promoting ability, Pure Black Indian Shilajit elixir can be introduced during the periods of high intensity training and on into recovery.
It's very beneficial at reducing joint soreness of the knees, shoulders and elbows of heavy lifters. In summary, may play an important growth-promoting and restorative role in the preparation of athletes and recovery after debilitating illness.

Pure Black Indian shilajit elixir is recommended highly for any athlete of the intermediate or advanced level who pushes his or her workouts to the limits. Adapta-energy elixir is also very beneficial to athletes with joint and connective tissue stress.

Pure Black (Anabolic) Indian Shilajit elixir is a potent adaptagenic herbal complex for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as for its recuperative powers. In areas where these adaptagenic resins and plants are readily grown and routinely consumed, the life spans are above the world average. scientists can only attribute this to their daily consumption of the resin.

Pure Black Indian Shilajit elixir
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Shilajit: Sacred Soma of the Alchemists

Phyto-'Stem Cell' Technology

Gemmotherapy belongs to the realm of Phytotherapy but differs since it only uses the buds, young shoots of the plants. The embryonic part of the plant is particularly effective for drainage which means detoxifying actions on the body. The use of buds in traditional pharmacopoeia dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.
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