Phyto-Nucleus Massage Oil for All Aches & Pains

Deep Pain Massage Oil
Massage oil for Rheumatism & deep Pain
$25US 25ml

~works to remove deep pain and aches in muscles, Bones and nerves
only small amount needed to be massaged in local area of pain
In the treatment of Rheumatism, Osteoarticular, Nerve and muscular systems, and retarding RNA/DNA process ( anti-aging), Osteoporosis
To relieve rheumatic condition, to remove obstruction from the channels and relieve pain.
Rheumatic arthritis with pain in the lower back and knees; headache due to attack of cold on the shaoyin Channel chanracterized by association of headache with precordinal pain and cold legs.
Improves circulation in flesh and skin.

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Phyto-'Stem Cell' Technology

Gemmotherapy belongs to the realm of Phytotherapy but differs since it only uses the buds, young shoots of the plants. The embryonic part of the plant is particularly effective for drainage which means detoxifying actions on the body. The use of buds in traditional pharmacopoeia dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.
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