S u p e r - M e k & Womens Sex Liquid: Powerful 'Love potion' and Aphrodisiac

S u p e r - M e k & Womens Sex Liquid Available Now!

Both combonations Improve mental sharpness & Increased Sexual Desire

Increased & Enhanced Libido & Sex Drive. Restores sexual function in both men and women. Hormone regulator and useful for PMS. Strengthens the immune system and protects against viral infections. Anti-cancer benefits. Good for circulation problems. Helps lower cholesterol. Relieves psychological and environmental stress. Energy tonic for fatigue and exhaustion to increase stamina. Prevention of development of fatigue & Sterility,

S u p e r - M e k: Miraculous Sexual Health stimulator & Enhancer.

Enlarges penis and Libido function, for Premature ejaculation, loss of sperm or weak sperm, low sexual desire Good treatment for prostatitis & problems of prostate
Safe for suffers of hypertension or cardiovascular disease.
enhances physical body function and strengthens kidney function & Sexual fucnction of the body, increases sexual appetite and enhances sensitivity and organsm.
Dosage : 2 capsules 20 -40 before intercourse minutes .
Functions: Restores energy and reproduces blood,improves the kidney function, for impotence and early ejaculation, small penis, prostate diseases, sterility,male and female frigidity, awkwardness, pains due to having sex,low spermatorrhoea, sore wrist and feet, poor sleep and memory, mental exhaustion & depression,treatment against baldness & grey hair. Promotes Multiple-orgasms [in both men and women.] allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time Strengthen the back and knees.

S u p e r - M e k capsules are specifically designed to improve men's sexual performance. It's use will cause penis to re-gain its prime condition by enlargement of penile arteries and increasing the blood flow into corpus cavernosum sponge tissue. At the same time it stimulates and gradually increases tension of parasympathetic nerve. This results in a larger and longer lasting erection and significant improvement of sexual performance.

The perfect cure for premature ejaculation. Prolonged usage can improve prostate health*.
Made with purely 100% natural materials by the latest complex nanometer extractions techniques from plants. It is highly refined, concentrated and pasteurized.
Treatment for:
*Male loss of Libido
*Short and Small Penis *Dysfunction of Erection
*Premature Ejaculation

*Larger and harder erection
*Stronger orgasm
*Up to 72 hours of ability per tablet
Finish well after her
*No side effects

S u p e r - M e k improves sex drive, erection quality, ejaculation volume, sexual stamina, control, enjoyment and even sexual confidence. The combination of phyto ingredients All Natural, Herbal Alternative
Glossy ganoderma,
Wild Yam,
Medlar, leek seed. Schisandra, Liquorice Sidenafil
Magnesium Stearate
For Men Desiring an Exciting, Long-Lasting, & Rewarding Sexual Experience.

Womens Sex Liquid

Womens Sex Liquid can be dissolved in any liquid instantly. Womens Sex Liquid is completely safe when used as directed. Please note that this product -should only be administered with the explicit consent of the person who is going to consume it.

Womens Sex Liquid will make a woman eager to perform any sexual act you want!
Mix with any drinks, no more than 1 botlle daily.

Womens Sex Liquid is designed to increase stamina and sexual libido, Womens Sex Liquid is a product that has been tested to be effective for women who want more out of their sex life.

Womens Sex Liquid
is a powerful aphrodisiac, a Love potion when combined with a beverage or water and consumed enhances the sensitivity to the genitalia area and produces an enlightening sensation in the sensitive membranes, a feeling that is said to increase a woman's desire for intercourse.

This special formula increases sexual stimulus and improves the disposition towards sexual activity, putting you in the mood for an explosive night of sensual pleasure.
Women will feel a dramatic effect of an overwhelming urge and greatly increased stamina, desire and sensation.

Enhance arousal and sexual desire with Womens Sex Liquid.
Mix with any drink for a potent sexual urge, Genitals literally tingle with anticipation and the only cure is Sex.

Female Aphrodisiac Oral Liquid & 'Love Potion'

No color and taste, a transparent liquid, dissolves in all drinks when added.
A few minutes upon taking the Liquid aphrodisiac, a woman will have flushed face, hurried and fiery breath, sultry glance and heated body, any woman will become excited, sultry and have itching & numbness in vagina & inner thigh area, fast heartbeat and increased vaginal secretion, as well as increased desire for making love.

Immediate reaction within 30-50 mins (preferably within 15-20min)
Increases desire, sex drive and stamina
Heightens intensity of climax
Boosts and speeds up orgasm as well as stimulating multiple orgasms (15-20 minutes from starting sexual intercourse)
Provides sensual feeling and warmth in genitals
makes women orgasmic

Dosage 1 bottle 8ml
Applicable range : applicable for adult females
dosage : put one bottle of the product into water or beverage 5 to 10 minutes before sexual intercourse,
Package : 8ml; per bottle

Phyto-'Stem Cell' Technology

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